Bio2Q Members – Dr.  Therese SOLBERG

November 29, 2023

Introducing a member of Bio2Q

We are pleased to introduce Dr.  Therese SOLBERG, a postdoctoral fellow at Bio2Q.  

She has been selected as the first postdoctoral fellow in Bio2Q in April of this year.

The greeting from Dr.  Therese SOLBERG is as follows:

I am a Postdoctoral researcher at Bio2Q, working with Professor Haruhiko Siomi as part of the Genome Dynamics Team. My research interest is transposon biology and epigenetics, and I am currently investigating the role of transposons in health and disease. Before joining Bio2Q, I investigated the mechanisms that organisms use to repress transposons, but my current focus is on the beneficial role of these elements. We now know that transposons are not only parasites that need to be silenced, but they have also been co-opted by the host for various processes, including an essential role during early embryonic development and in host-microbiota communication.

In my research, I aim to investigate both the beneficial role and the harmful impact transposons have on our bodies. However, transposons are implicated in an expanding list of processes and act in many different organs, making it impossible to fully understand their impact if approached from one field alone. Therefore, I am extremely grateful to be a part of Bio2Q, which gives me a unique opportunity to collaborate with leading scientists in various fields to untangle such complex networks.

I am excited to start up many collaborations at Bio2Q!

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